Baby, You and Beyond Infant Program

For your comfort and safety:

  • Sessions have a maximum of 6 families to ensure a comfortable and cosy group size. 
  • The venues used are chosen to allow for social distancing between families and are well ventilated. 
  • All resources are cleaned between sessions.

Meeting you and baby

For you: 
Meeting other parents in the group & exploring expectations 
vs the reality of your parenting journey so far.

For your baby: 
Sharing the developmental learning taking place as you play simple games with your baby in the session.

Meeting the 'new' you

For you: 
Exploring the journey of 
becoming a parent - who are 
you now?

For your baby: 
Play time with contrasting 
colours and tummy time - exploring what are the benefits 
for their development?

Your baby - the problem solver

For you: 
Exploring the concept of responsive parenting - what 
does this look like?

For your baby: 
Sharing ideas and trying out games for their curious minds (and have a go at making your own resources!)

Venue set up at The Haven, Bangor

...and then there was 
one more

For you: 
Exploring changing relationships - with yourself, with your baby 
and with others.

For your baby: 
Exploring treasure baskets, 
sharing the benefits of them for developmental learning and how to put one together yourself.

Looking after everyone

For you: 
Exploring coping strategies and wellbeing to build up parenting resilience.

For your baby: 
Exploring non-messy sensory experiences and sharing the benefits of sensory play for their developmental learning.

What happens next?

For you: 
Exploring informed decision making as a strategy for future challenges.

For your baby: 
Exploring messy sensory experiences and sharing ideas 
to extend play activities as 
your baby develops.

AND... last session celebratory party!!

Infant Program fee

6 week Infant Program = £45

Pay as you go option = £7.50 per session 

To book your place a deposit of £15 is required, with full payment made by the week prior to the program beginning if you are booking for all 6 weeks. 

For the pay as you go option, the £15 deposit will cover 2 sessions - any additional sessions will need to be paid in advance of the day.


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